A coaching program for accompanying expat partners in Sweden

NGO Factory AB in cooperation with Working for Change offers a unique and individually adapted coaching program, the Drive-program. The aim is to provide knowledge and insight to the Swedish business culture and work life to expat partners or trailing spouses. To give information, coaching and support to find a job, and to get access to networks that can lead to job opportunities. The main purpose with this program is to help expat partners to either get a job, start an education or find other meaningful activities while in Sweden.


Research shows that international talents willingness to come and stay in Sweden for a longer period is very dependent on that their partner or spouse finds employment or other meaningful activities. With the Drive-program, your company or organisation can offer expat partners an opportunity to find a meaningful job or another sense of purpose.


NGO Factory have also an extensive experience with international recruitment and a deep knowledge of how companies succeed in working with diverse cultures as well as what makes an inclusive workplace. With our partnership with the foundation Working for Change we can offer workshops and training for your managers on inclusive recruitment and workplaces.

Business benefits with Drive

  • Helps you to attract and retain international talents.


  • Employer’s branding can be enhanced for Companies and organisations by highlighting their participation in Drive.


  • We design and adapt the program to your organization´s specific requirements and needs.


  • Drive is a well-tried program that leads to results.


  • A cost-efficient complement to your organization’s recruitment process and employer-branding efforts.

The key elements of the Drive-program:

  • A customised program offering individual coaching

  • Access to our unique model of support
  • Matching to the right jobs, education and other activities

  • Seminars and group activities

  • Access to our network within Working for Change

  • On-going support in identifying goals and to set objectives, and a road map of how to get there

For more information please contact:

Rodrigo Garay and Benny Österlund via hej@ngofactory.se